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Horse Hair Testing For Total Body Health

Are you feeding the right thing?

How To Get Your Horse Hair Analysis

We require a small amount of mane or tail hair clipped (about the size of a small pencil) and sent in a zip-lock bag with their name on it. If you are sending dog hair, please clip a small cluster from their neck or tail, or use scotch tape to collect hair.  Include your name and address, phone number and $50 for the testing. We need a list of all food and supplements, including any pastes. You can pay through PayPal at or mail a check with the hair sample. Mail your hair sample to the address listed below.  We typically are able to give you the test results within 3 weeks of receiving the hair sample.  Test us or call if you need more information!  (209) 608-1325
I spent over an hour on the phone with Joni today and I am so impressed!  She pinpointed my filly's mellow personality and stoic nature based on her adrenal gland results an told me she's internalizing stress and pain, which is 100% accurate!  She made a ton of great suggestions for my feeding program and I'm excited to learn more next time we talk!
Leah Maguire
Famousfrenchsapphire and I are grateful!

I highly recommend ANJA Equine!  Wonderful people!  Very knowledgeable!  Hair test saved my horse's life!

Jenny Muller
Life Saving!

I cannot even begin to tell you how Joni has helped transform my horses!   They are healthier, happier, and performing better than ever!  They are on a simple but complete diet that agrees with each of them! Rather than over compensating with expensive supplements, why not eliminate the ingredients that are causing the problems!? It's the best money you will ever spend on your horse!

Andrea Moore Sewell
Best Money Ever Spent!

I cannot thank you enough! You helped me get my horse back!  I am thankful for you and your knowledge!

Nicole Porter
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

What Is Horse Hair Testing?

Joni McKim

Anja Equine LLC

We specialize in balancing your horse through diet and supplements that compliment their unique system. We accomplish this through our special hair analytics, which enables us to determine which items best suit your horse's needs. 

Many horses are fed products they are allergic to, and it creates an environment of inflammatory responses. This creates pain, gut issues, behavior issues, and many other problems. Let us help you make the changes!  We also work on dogs, cattle and goats.  We are excited to also offer our own line of herbs for your Equine! We strive to get your animal's system in balance. We utilize hair tests to analyze their overall body health, including some specifics, and we include testing their diet for allergic reactions.  Let us help get your horse's diet right!  Allergic reactions to feed ingredients are the main cause of inflammation in the gut.  Gut issues also lead to allergies, skin and hair problems, as well as joint inflammation.

Make sure you are feeding the right thing!

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